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25 Heaven-Sent Products For People Who Suck At Makeup

*Buys everything and suddenly becomes a beauty vlogger.*

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the products they use to trick people into thinking they’re good at makeup. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Stop wasting your time struggling to even out your liquid liner — just use the Wings Cosmetics Classic Wing Stamp.

"These stamps will give you wings within a second and it gets it right every time." —kirstenj4bba4855a

Get it from Wings Cosmetics' website for $12.99.

2. Get a natural glow with the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Kit.

"I have fair skin with warm tones, and I never end up looking overly sparkly or bronzed with this glow kit." —Katy Barrett, Facebook

Get it from Ulta for $42.

3. The Lancôme Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base will forever change the way your lashes look.

"Mascara primer! I use the one from Lancôme and it makes my lashes so much darker, longer, and fuller. It’s a night-and-day difference!" —stephaniet4ec853272

Get it from Sephora for $25.50.

4. Benefit's Ka-Brow! Eyebrow Gel will make your brows look fuller even if you overplucked in the early 2000s.

"Benefit's Ka-Brow is the shit. I have no eyebrows (thanks to the early 2000s and my overzealous tweezing), so this helps me actually draw them on and still have them look natural. The angled brush is really easy to use." —Jane Glicini, Facebook

Get it from Sephora for $24.

5. It's all about what you use to put your makeup on. Investing in a Beautyblender will definitely pay off.

"It's all about the tools! Using a Beautyblender always leaves my skin looking polished, even if I'm using the cheapest, crappiest foundation in my arsenal." —Liane Graham, Facebook

"Ever since I switched to the Beautyblender, my makeup has been way more matte, less cakey, and buildable. I suck really bad at makeup, but the Beautyblender gives me a little confidence!" —mikolem

Get it from Sephora for $20.

6. If you're looking for a Better Than Sex mascara dupe, give L’Oreal Voluminous Original a try.

"It makes my eyelashes look super long and full without clumping. Works as well as Better Than Sex from Too Faced!" —RoseRedPoison

Get it from Ulta for $7.99.

7. E.l.f.'s Intense Ink Eyeliner is a great option for those who suck at eyeliner.

"E.l.f. has a felt-tip liner I've come to love. It's called the Intense Ink Eyeliner and it's only $3. I suck at applying liner, but it makes application super fast and super easy." —Angela Christine, Facebook

Get it from Ulta for $3.

8. Get full, natural-looking brows with this foolproof Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil.

"Right now I'm really into the Anastasia Brow Wiz. It makes lining and filling so quick and easy. Something about the texture and firmness of the pen makes application foolproof, which, if you're anything like me, is so nice. You get fuller, healthy-looking brows without looking like you drew them on with a ballpoint pen." —Sara Reichert, Facebook

Get it from Sephora for $21.

9. If you want to even out the redness in your face, you should add L'Oréal's Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream to your daily routine.

"If you have any redness or red bumps on your face, this will make your face look so much smoother and even out the redness! I am 30 and suffer from rosacea, so this cream is a lifesaver." —KristiMa

Get it from Ulta for $10.99.

10. Even if you're bad at putting on makeup, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerrerio Glow Kit will always make you look like a pro.

"The Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerrerio Glow Kit is the only thing I’m good at putting on, and the only thing I need *hair flip*." —spinningskater01

Get this limited-edition glow kit from Sephora for $40.

11. The Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara is perfect for people with light eyelashes.

"Whenever I use it, people stop me on the street to comment on my long, lush lashes. The brush lets you put it on in just a few swipes, and it stays on all day without flaking or itching. My lashes are blonde, so believe me, I've tried a few mascaras in my day, and this by far the best!" —lizm4075643b7

Get it from Mary Kay for $15.

12. The right setting spray can make your makeup look flawless all day long.

"Any setting spray. Spritz some on and it'll prevent your makeup from turning cakey throughout the day. Just make sure that you buy the setting spray that corresponds with your skin type. If you have oily skin, wear matte setting spray, not dewy, because it doesn’t have the certain ingredients to mattify and reduce oil on the skin and it won’t look flawless. If you have dry skin, get a dewy finish. I recommend the Urban Decay De-Slick for oily skin and the NYX Dewy Finish for dry skin." —Schnauzerf

Get Urban Decay's De-Slick spray from Sephora for $31, and NYX Dewy Finish from Ulta for $7.99.

13. Amp up your eyeshadow game by applying NYX's White Eyeshadow Base.

"Eyeshadow primer helps a lot! It makes your eyeshadow blend better, be more pigmented, and will keep from creasing. If you have hooded eyes or oily eyelids it is a must-have! The best one is NYX White Eyeshadow Base. It’s cheap and makes colors pop more." —melm4295585b7

Get it from Ulta for $6.99.

14. The easiest way to trick people into thinking you have your shit together is by wearing bold lipstick.

"Wear different lipsticks. Reds, browns, berries, blues, purples, nudes, whatever. Popping on a statement lip color just makes it look like you have your shit together. My favorites are the NYX Liquid Suedes and Milani Amorè Matte Lip Crèmes." —thistimemaybe

You can get the NYX Liquid Suedes from Ulta for $6.99 and Milani Amorè Matte Lip Crèmes on Amazon for $7.65.

15. The E.l.f. Clear Brow & Eyelash Mascara will keep unruly hairs in place all day long.

"The best brow product I own is the E.l.f. Clear Brow & Eyelash Mascara. I use it in the mornings and my eyebrow hairs won't move at all. Who said quality had to be expensive?" —britneyaudreya

Get it from Ulta for $2.

16. The Milani Everyday Eyeshadow comes with visual instructions for those who have no idea how eyeshadow works.

"They come with a diagram that shows how to apply it. Makes your eyes look stunning." —rachelsporyh

Get it from Amazon for $8.35.

17. Bloggers love these Artis brushes because they blend everything perfectly and evenly.

"Oval 8 Artis Brush! I know it’s expensive, but it blends my foundation FLAWLESSLY." —mollyo46cedcaa7

You can get it from the Artis Brush website for $67.

18. If you're looking for waterproof mascara that won't smear, Tarte's Lights, Camera, Splashes is perfect.

"It makes it look like your lashes are fake and it will stay on the whole day without running or smearing if you happen to get it wet." —nyxl

You can get from Sephora for $21.

19. This Too Faced bronzer literally smells like chocolate, so why would you want to buy anything else?

"It gives your contour a nice matte look and it smells like chocolate! Couldn’t live without mine." —baileyd4fc62f1a8

Get it from Ulta for $30.

20. Brighten your face without looking like a literal diamond with Colourpop's highlighters.

"Highlighter! And no, I don’t mean cake it on so you shine bright like a diamond. On days where I’m wearing minimal makeup, I will put highlighter (I’m on the fair side so Colourpop Smoke N Whistles is perfect for me) on the inner corners of my eyes, a little on my brow bone and on the apple of my cheeks and it really brightens my look and looks naturally glowy." —kristing4e9b4f99e

Get it from Colourpop for $8.

21. Essence’s Lash Powder will make you look like you got lash extensions.

"They make you look like you’re wearing false lashes! Just apply mascara, then a coat of the fibers (over a small mirror or compact, so the little fibers don’t get in your eyes) then another coat of mascara to seal it in." —mollykat66

Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

22. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are long-lasting and easy to apply.

"NARS Matte Lip Pencils are amazing. The pencil gives me control to put it on easily and it stays on all day without making me look like The Joker." —knottynautical

Get it from Sephora for $27.

23. E.l.f.'s Eyebrow Stencils are heaven-sent for people who have trouble filling in their brows.

"I am straight trash at doing my barely there brows. I found eyebrow stencils from e.l.f. and my brows look so much better. The only downfall is that they look like twins, not sisters, but it’s much better than them looking like they come from different families." —Alexis

Get it from Target for $1.

24. Wet n Wild Max Fanatic Mascara will give you long, lush lashes for under $5.

"I swear by Wet n Wild’s Max Fanatic Mascara — it makes you look like you’re wearing false lashes and everyone always tell me how great my eyes look when I wear it." —annl4e4055f61

You can get it from Walmart for $4.68.

25. The NYX Contour and Highlight Stick is perfect for contour virgins and beginners.

"It's soooooo easy to blend — fantastic colors (cool toned for light skin, neutral for medium, warm for deep) and buildable. Makes contouring easy, and it’s great for beginners." —Tessie59

Get it from Ulta for $11.99.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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