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19 People Who Got The Worst Secret Santa Gifts In History

Because misery loves company.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the worst Secret Santa gifts they've ever gotten. Here are some of the funniest responses:

1. Kindergarten arts and crafts make terrible gifts when the person gifting them isn't a kindergartner.

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"In high school, I got a homemade angel pin made of uncooked pasta. Just like the kind you make in kindergarten class." —Victoria Ashley, Facebook

2. Sometimes you just have to do a little bit of research before buying a gift.


"I got three giant bags of Reese’s peanut butter cups, but I am severely allergic to peanuts." —SuperMarvelWhoLocked

3. Important rule to follow: Find out if the person you get likes sports before giving them a sport-specific gift.

"A Chicago Bears ornament. I live in Connecticut and don’t even like football." —amandaplanta

4. Nothing described as "sticky" makes for a good gift.

"I got a sticky mouse someone stole from a school computer." —flooferlover

5. Sometimes you have to pay for other people's mistakes, literally.


"A $20 gift card. Went to use it and the cashier said there was nothing on it. I ended up paying for my own gift." —pyterre

6. Someone got a shitty gift card and a valuable life lesson.


"I was 18 or 19, working as a telemarketer, never heard of Secret Santa, so I was hyped up and so excited. I got my person an awesome gift based on their interests and then it was my turn to open my gift and it was a $5 gift card to the mall. That's it. The guy that got me the gift told me his girlfriend wouldn't let him buy me a better gift. It was good though, because I learned a valuable lesson about not dating an asshole who is jealous of a co-worker that you haven't spoken to outside of work." —Katyna Singleton, Facebook

7. Nothing like an awkward hug to get into the Christmas spirit.

"Once, my best friend in school received a hug as a Secret Santa present." —rosim

8. Just a thought: Don't give something that is borderline insulting to the person receiving it.

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"Someone once gave me napkins because they noticed I was a messy eater." —mattys417b8c128

9. A bunch of random things thrown together don't exactly equal a gift basket.


"One year we had a Secret Santa in my orchestra class and I got three dead batteries, a pack of gum, a ziplock baggie of rainbow thumbtacks, and a bottle of water." —livmarie

10. If you forget you have to bring a gift, don’t try to make up for it last minute — people will notice.

"Last year I got a ziplock bag of Epsom salt. Like…not even an unopened package. A sandwich bag full of Epsom salt." —mollyr482eae262

11. Never get your hopes up.


“I waited and waited, but I got nothing so I was really upset. Eventually, the girl that had me comes up and says, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I completely forgot to bring your gift but I’ll bring it tomorrow — it’s from Thailand, I’m sure you’ll like it.’ So of course I’m thinking something cool, especially since it’s from Thailand, but I was so wrong. The next day, she comes up to me and whips out a NAIL CLIPPER and it wasn’t even cool — it was just a regular nail clipper that said 'made in Thailand' on the bottom.” —gabyj48388ac98

12. Double check what your gift actually is before showing it off to your friends.

"A butt plug. Thought it was a wine stopper at first. Then I realized I was standing in the middle of a circle of 25 people holding a butt plug in the air." —Brittani Morgan

13. If you're not happy with your gift, just pretend.


"I was the lucky recipient of a dirty cupcake stand. Cupcakes were not included. The person who brought it was super offended that I was so blatantly displeased. She loudly announced that it was from her daughter's wedding (that none of us were invited to) in July. Which means that the crusted-on frosting is at least five months old." —fionam4f19bfc6b

14. If you're not sure what to get, at least make it holiday-themed.

"I literally got pencils. They weren’t even holiday pencils, they were just plain number 2 pencils." —angelinav4a008a91c

15. If you're giving someone a crappy gift, at least make sure it's a *new* crappy gift.

"A small pack of 'to-go' bandaids, and it was already opened and one was missing." —libbieb3

16. Creepy guys will give you creepy gifts.


"One year we did a Secret Santa at my work Christmas party and I got a battery-operated earwax cleaner from the creepiest guy at the office." —m43b0c0385

17. Some people's idea of a great gift can be very different from your idea of a great gift.


"A green tinsel wig and those twisted pastel marshmallow ropes. My Secret Santa was VERY excited to reveal herself, too." —beddi

18. Garlic powder is a delicious condiment, but a terrible gift.

"In 8th grade, my lunch table did Secret Santa. This one girl was grounded and her mom wouldn’t let her buy anything. She gave me a bag of garlic powder in an empty tissue box." —noraisintol

19. And if you're participating in a Secret Santa exchange, at least try to show up.

"Nothing, because my work Secret Santa was in jail." —diannar2

Some responses have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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