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    Everyone Should Know The Real Story Of Pocahontas

    Spoiler: her best friend wasn't a raccoon.

    Most people know and enjoy the ~paint with all the colors of the wind~ Disney version of Pocahontas.


    But apparently, a lot of people *cough* the president *cough* are unaware of the real story behind the Disney classic. Mic created a video where Monica Stretten, a member of the Chickahominy Tribe and a member of Couchiching First Nation, explain what really happened to Pocahontas.

    A descendant of Pocahontas reveals the disturbing truth about this storied figure — and it's something all American…

    First things first: Pocahontas' real name was Matoaka. She was a child when she was forced to marry and older man, move to England, and never return home.

    President Donald Trump has used the name Pocahontas as a joke more than once in the past, which is not only offensive to all native women, but also pretty ignorant.

    After watching the video, some people were shocked to learn the tragic story.

    @mic @wkamaubell All of this should be in U.S history books!

    @BigWinInTx @Phil16723 @6126_1 @mic @wkamaubell I've never learned any of this in school, they barely taught us bla…

    @mic Welp, can't see her Disney movie in the same light again....

    While others, like Kathleen, knew the truth all along.

    @mic Thank you! I knew this, but your strong voice will make it real for those who don’t. No more Disney version. N…

    @mic Next thing you be telling us one of her best friends wasn't raccoon. Do people honestly think a Disney movie is accurate? Really?

    @mic I’m more confused that people didn’t know the real story about Pocahontas and upset that Native American histo…

    @mic People know but they just don’t care.

    But most were grateful these women are informing others about an important part of our history.

    @mic Wow that was heavy! Thank you for showing us the truth of what happened.

    @mic THANK YOU for speaking on behalf of native people. I hope you voice continues to educate and enlighten non-nat…

    @mic Thank you...for telling the FACTS & HISTORY about Pocahontas. She DESERVES BETTER...than having her name used…

    Knowledge is power.


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