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Do You Hate The Same Stuff Everyone In Your State Hates?

Because this map shows what everyone hates in all 50 states.

Hater is a dating app where people are matched based on a shared common interest: hate.

And lucky us, Hater used the data from hundreds of thousands of users in the US and extracted the most-hated topic from every state to make a hate-filled map.

Some of the results are ironic — like in Arizona, where they hate sand. Lol.

D.C. hates the idea that everyone has a soulmate, which is kind of sad, funny, and relatable all at once.

Some are a bit more ridiculous, like North Carolina, where the most-hated topic is DUI checkpoints.

Other are super random, like Pennsylvanians, who apparently hate people who use money clips.

And North Dakota, where they hate tapas.

Mississippi is NOT into anal sex.

Oklahoma doesn't care about the latest gossip.

And if you're ever in Illinois, you'd better not bite into string cheese or you'll be declared persona non grata.

Here's what the Eastern Time Zone looks like:

And here's what people in the Central time zone hate:

Pacific and Mountain time zones:

Alaska and Hawaii:

And here's the full map:


DC hates the idea that everyone has a soulmate. An earlier version of this post misstated that Maryland hates the idea of soulmates.