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    26 Stylish Things From Target That’ll Help You Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Spending More Than $50

    Your wallet *and* your wardrobe will thank you.

    1. A pair of wedge heel sandals that are ready to take on your summer vacation plans in style, wherever you're headed in them.

    the wedges in blue

    2. A pair of high-rise bike shorts so you can nail that "on my way to a workout class" look on the daily. But don't worry, the workout class part is in NO way mandatory.

    3. A chic yet lightweight slip dress that's always ready for a downright cinematic evening of relaxation. Lay on the couch in this, instead of an oversized tee, like the rom-com star you are.

    a model wearing the slip dress in white

    4. A pair of rectangle sunglasses for your next movie star moment (or the next time you're battling a wicked hangover). Pair with a chic headscarf for maximum celeb-in-hiding vibes.

    the purple and orange glasses

    5. A mesh-seamed skater dress that cartoon me would *def* choose as my everyday outfit. Think about it — this piece could be accessorized to suit any occasion and is just cute enough to get away with being worn basically everywhere.

    6. A pair of super cute and convenient high waisted cargo pants — I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm constantly searching for functional and fashionable pants that aren't just basic jeans, you know?

    7. A set of 10 gold finish rings so you don't have to spend months curating a ring collection in order to become the Ring Girlie™ you've always known in your heart you were meant to be. 💍

    the gold finish set of gem rings

    8. A seamless ribbed bralette for that ~model off-duty~ aesthetic even if your actual occupation is more ~working from home on the couch~. Where are my people at?

    9. A pair of heeled clogs that are 100% picnic-ready — and an *essential* element of any summer outfit, in my ~humble~ opinion.

    the mule sandals in a leather wicker pattern

    10. A chain belt to add that extra special ~something~ to your outfit when you need it (or to cinch the billowy waist of the dress you just thrifted that you swore you didn't need to try on).

    the gold belt

    11. A knit bodycon dress that's giving "coolest camp counselor on the last day of camp" vibes — which is now officially my aesthetic goal for the remainder of the season.

    12. A puff sleeve mini dress that's a definite dupe for that Princess Polly romper — you know the one — but thankfully isn't a romper. Listen, I make a lot of sacrifices for fashion, but taking off my whole outfit to pee isn't *ever* going to be one of them.

    13. A chunky chain layered necklace to help you look *extra* put together. Layered jewelry just always gives me the impression that the wearer has a detailed day planner and a skincare routine...inspirational.

    14. A flowy knit tank dress ready to be dressed up and worn out to breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, and dressed down for all those pre- and post-meal naps in between.

    a model wearing the dress in purple

    15. A pair of dolphin-hem pull-on shorts that look like the perfect go-to pair for these precious last few weeks of summer. August is slipping away like a bottle of wine, amirite?

    a model wearing the shorts in white

    16. A cotton bra cami top that'll make the perfect shirt staple for your summer-to-fall wardrobe.

    a model wearing the top in green

    17. A cross-body bag to clutch romantically as you stroll through Central Park (or your local self-reflective spot) and watch the seasons start to change, signifying the passing of time and your own personal growth... TLDR, this bag is rom-com worthy.

    the bag in woven light brown

    18. A pair of platform mules with a block heel, because they're instantly ready for some stylish strutting.

    the heeled sandals in black

    19. A pleated skort that's simultaneously perfect for your daily Hot Girl Walk and simply a great staple for any wardrobe. The best part? This skirt works year-round — just don't forget to stock up on some nude fleece-lined leggings and tights to go underneath in winter (thanks, TikTok).

    a model wearing the skirt in black

    20. A woven straw hat because we're long past shaming each other for our Christian Girl Autumn tendencies. Wear the big hat, order that PSL, and go play in the leaves this year!

    the woven hat

    21. A pair of retro-inspired super-high-rise distressed baggy jeans because try as I might, thrifting that perfect vintage pair is seemingly impossible...but SHHH, no one needs to know where you got these...

    22. A ribbed mock turtleneck bodysuit that's perfect for transitioning into layering season. The best part? You won't have to worry about the top coming untucked as you bop around town, engaging in your many cute layering season activities.

    23. A faux leather belt with a classic buckle, so you won't have to do that shoelace trick TikTok taught you anymore. I totally get that it works in a pinch, but just buy a belt!

    the belt in black

    24. A pair of split-front leggings because I just have to be the best-dressed person in the yoga class for some reason...even if the yoga class is virtual and I'm mostly watching from my couch.

    25. A pair of mid-rise skinny jeans because these pants simply *never* go out of style, so it's time to invest in a solid staple version.

    a model wearing the skinny jeans

    26. A sleeveless minidress with a halter neck that feels like it belongs in a Gossip Girl character's closet — the (much cooler) OG series, not this newfangled nonsense.

    Happy shopping!

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