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    All The Best Deals At Wayfair’s Cyber Monday Sale

    This year, I'm thankful for my now-affordable living room makeover.

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    Thanksgiving and Black Friday are both officially over (though the leftovers will certainly linger for awhile) but luckily for us, Wayfair's Cyber Monday sale is here to stay for one more day! So get those Pinterest boards out and start planning your place's makeover, because with huge discounts on everything from couches to bedding, you simply *cannot* pass up this opportunity.

    Here are some of our top picks from the sale:

    1. 50% off a wall-mounted electric fireplace that can heat your space and give off the cozy, romantic energy of a classic fireplace with no construction work or firewood needed!

    The fireplace on a green wall

    2. 42% off a pair of chic Eiffel-style bar stools that look like they belong in an indie coffee shop where you go to spend the afternoon "working," while looking the coolest you've ever looked.

    3. 30% off an MCM-inspired 2-drawer nightstand because you'll feel way better putting your book/ glass of water/ Invisalign on this beauty, instead of just piling them on the floor.

    4. Up to 70% off a velvet tuxedo arm sofa to add some ~drama~ to your afternoon lounging sessions.

    the couch in green in a reviewer's living room

    5. Up to 61% off a medium firm memory foam mattress in a box that makes delivery and unpacking so easy, you might not even need to take a nap afterwards (but with how comfortable it is, you might want to)! It has low motion transfer, so if you wake up every time your partner even *dreams* about rolling over, this might be the bed for you.

    the mattress next to the box it comes in

    6. 28% off a slide-out-shelf, so you don't have to play the world's loudest game of Jenga every morning when you try to get your teeny tiny egg pan out to make breakfast.

    the slide out shelf in a cupboard

    7. Up to 66% off an upholstered low profile bed frame because let's face it, that mattress on the floor just isn't cutting it anymore.

    the bed frame in denim blue

    8. 67% off a rustic-industrial wood frame wall mirror *just* grand enough to be worthy of your daily mirror selfies.

    the mirror hung over a sink

    9. 34% off a faux leather round arm sleeper sofa that's so stylish, your guests won't ever notice that by simply sliding the back down, it can transform into a totally chic bed!

    10. Up to 33% off a retro fridge for anyone *still* on their vintage redesign kick this long after WandaVision. It's not a phase, babe, just commit to it.

    11. Up to 57% off a rustic-inspired solid wood coffee table with a lower storage shelf that's perfect for storing all those massive coffee table books you've been thrifting as of late. Secondhand TikTok will be the death of my available storage space...

    12. Up to 42% off a Victorian-inspired metal bed frame so classically beautiful, it'll never go out of style. Because your bedroom deserves to feel ~timelessly~ elegant.

    the bronze bed frame

    13. Up to 43% off a armless velvet loveseat with a tufted back design that's eye-catching to say the least. There's no doubt this piece will steal the show in any room you place it in.

    14. Up to 77% off a microfiber sheet set with four (4!) pillowcases included, because the mismatched bedding look just is so last year.

    the sheets in white on a bed

    15. Up to 39% off a reversible comforter set that will make it much easier to ~spice up~ your bedroom's style whenever that time-to-redecorate-my-whole-room mood strikes.

    the comforter set in pink in a reviewer's bedroom

    16. Up to 65% off a retro wood TV stand to blend your vintage-inspired style with your 2021 flatscreen in fashionable and functional harmony.

    The TV stand in white

    17. 31% off an MCM-inspired 7-drawer dresser with splayed legs, so you can store your clothes with the undeniable elegance that they definitely deserve.

    the dresser

    18. Up to 61% off a pet crate that's so sleek, it can double as a side table, so your furry friend feels included in the layout of your living space without spoiling your own carefully crafted aesthetic.

    19. Up to 54% off a blackout curtain panel to keep that pesky morning sunlight out until you're ready for it. How rude that nature doesn't consider our schedules in the slightest, am I right?

    the curtain panels in white

    20. Up to 31% off a console table that you can put your key bowl on, so you don't have to go on that wild Scooby Doo-style hunt for them every time you need to leave your house. You could probably put other things on here, too, but the keys, that's the selling point here.

    the wooden console table

    21. 75% off a classic rolled arm loveseat that will provide the luxurious couch experience you want, without hindering you in a smaller space.

    22. Up to 44% off a litter box enclosure that doubles as a sleek bench, because your cat's litter box is most definitely messing with the carefully curated ~vibe~ of your space — so put a stop to it!

    the litter box enclosure in white

    23. Up to 23% off a knit throw blanket that's so nice, you can leave it balled up on the couch after a nap without spoiling the put-together look of the living room.

    the throw in red on a white couch

    24. 28% off a reclining chaise lounge with a removable ottoman — if a chair could have main character energy, this would be it.

    25. Up to 48% off an extravagant wall mirror that rivals that of any queen! This piece will most definitely guarantee your place is the fairest of them all.

    The accent mirror in gold

    Hope you spotted a deal too good to pass up in this list! But if you're still searching for that perfect purchase, be sure to check out the rest of Wayfair's Cyber Monday sale!

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