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    • danh35

      The reality of child modeling is far from the ‘being in the proximity of powerful, older people who can use the kid’s innocence to their perverted whims.’ This proposed regulation is laughable window dressing and likely written by people with little actual industry experience. With nearly 20 years of experience working with child models have found that my sets are safer for the models than most of their home and school experiences, especially considering pageants/sports/dance/etc.Ifurther find thatIand my clients are by far less likely to push models (from6months to 18yrs) beyond what they want to do than their parents or caregivers. My ‘whim’ is to haveathriving business for many years—pushing an harmful agenda is generally not conducive to that goal. This law would not achieve it’s stated goal. There are far more important and effective issues to occupy our legislators attention than this.

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