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Allison L. Venezio Writer/blogger, amateur video editor, geek, nostalgic geek, lover of Stargate, MST3K, Hello Kitty, 70s/80s/90s sitcoms, with a lifelong crush on Jason Bateman. Secretary by day, lives in a world of nostalgia by night.
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  • Eleven Funniest Corporate Training Videos Of The 1980s And 1990s

    You’ve just been hired to a new job at a department store, and it’s your first day (or week) or training. You’re sequestered in a room with the other new hires, when the HR rep rolls the TV/VCR cart in front of the group, explains what the group will be watching, pops in the tape or disc, and exits the room. The video that you watch is the standard corporate training video that all new hires watch, and try as you might to control your laughter, you know you must, as your employment hinges on your ability to conduct yourself appropriately during your training. But you can’t help it. Neither can the rest of the group, and you’ve found your comrades of the workplace as a result. For your consideration, here are eleven truly funny corporate training videos from the 1980s and 1990s that defy good production values (heck, adequate would even work here), logic, and the ability to stifle giggles. And the best part is, the HR rep isn’t standing outside the door waiting for the video to end, so you can laugh to your heart’s content. You’re welcome.

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