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    Ten Rediculous Things That Can Happen With (Any Amount Of) Money

    Money can't buy love and happiness, and is the root of all evil...when spent on ridiculous ventures and items.

    1. You buy this on Hammacher Schlemmer...


    Only $190K.

    2. You Throw Parties Like This...

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    Elixir Entertainment / Via

    ...and they're epic.

    3. You Get to Be in Your Dad's Production Company's Advertising

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    VHSofDeath / Via

    ...and flash your braces at the camera. Just to remind everyone that daddy had the money to make your teeth perfect, but couldn't fix that smug smile of yours.

    4. Your Friends Can be Bought...Just to Make One of these Advertisements With You

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    ThePreviewsGuy VHSOpenings / Via

    "Look what nepotism, the opportunity to be an actor, and lots of money does for my healthy peer relationships!"

    5. $350 for Imported Japanese Beef is Nothing...

    Via Old Homestead Steakhouse

    6. ...and $1.3 for a Car Whose Name You Can't Pronounce is A Drop in the Bucket.

    Digital Trends / Via's the Pagani Huyara (why-rah).

    7. Your "Vision" Bleeds Money


    It also kills cattle, results in whole trees being cut down, takes great liberties with history, falls five days behind schedule only six days into filming, and causes the near-demise of a production company.

    It also had a work print that ran 325 minutes (five hours, 25 minutes - allegedly fifteen minutes longer than director Michael Cimino intended the final cut to be), cost $200,000 per day, took nearly one year to film, and took in just under $3.5 million...on a film that cost $44 million.

    8. ...And Kills Entire Film Studios


    Only one of several examples, but happened.

    9. And for $125...


    You can just hear the disappointment.

    10. It's spelled T-I-D-D-Y...I swear!


    For $9.95 plus shipping and handling, it will nestle itself in your boobs.

    No lie.