This Hipster Hobby Generator Will Propel You To Hipsterdom

Discover the artisanal, handmade, vintage, meta, foraged, upcycled, steam punk past-time of your dreams, randomly generated courtesy of The Hipster Hobby Generator. Because everyone needs a mustache terrarium.

Available in either matte black or Wes Anderson.

Because your existential sandwich wouldn’t be complete without one.

You should really do this before it goes, you know, mainstream.

Each expletive is meticulously sewn in either Helvetica or ironic Comic Sans.

Then complete the look with a pair of reclaimed leg warmers and a salvaged bearded hat.

Made from sustainable tomatoes hydroponically grown right next to your urban goat farm.

Created while wearing a bow tie and listening to a band that doesn’t even exist yet.

For an endless supply of authentic, handcrafted, letterpressed, farm-to-table hobbies block-printed with bird silhouettes, visit

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