12 Etsy Gifts For People You Hate

Because it’s really important that they know.

1. Keep it simple and say it with a card.

Lined with hearts to soften the blow.

2. Or rude ceramics.

Everyone has to eat.

3. Include utensils as well.

Fork you!

4. You can get really specific.

An original painting!

5. Also, cross stitching is nice.

A classic craft tested by time.

6. They can even wear it.

Close to their heart.

7. A real fashion statement.

Sterling silver!

8. Or just type it out.

Everyone likes getting postcards in the mail.

9. Then spell it out.

Journaling helps clear the mind.

10. With the proper writing implements, obviously.

Give two and keep one for yourself for future writing projects.

11. Sometimes words aren’t even necessary.

There’s no one who wouldn’t want this on their front lawn.

12. And finally…


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