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Your View Of Bugs Will Never Be The Same After Seeing This

Did you know some bugs care for their children like humans and other mammals? I photographed a colony of oak treehoppers over a month and captured an endearing display of maternal care.

DanaeMarie • 7 months ago

25 Photos That Will Make You Feel Remorse For Killing Bugs

Cue the sad ASPCA music now. These photos will make you feel guilty for all the times you stepped on bugs as a kid (and as an adult).

DanaeMarie • 5 years ago

20 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Bugs

Bugs are awesomely beautiful (in their own creepy way, of course). Don't believe it? Check out these amazing insect portraits. Bonus: All of these insects can likely be found in your (midwestern) backyard garden!

DanaeMarie • 5 years ago