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75 Things That Will Make You Say "Shit, I Miss Being A Kid"

Slip on your old pair of light up sneakers and take a walk down memory lane.

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1. Topanga and Corey were totally your ultimate couple goals (probably still are, TBH):

Sgranitz / WireImage

2. These guys were your ultimate squad goals — hell, they probably still are (sorry, Taylor. They're just way more iconic):

Sgranitz / WireImage

3. ~Fruit~ came in string form:

Courtesy of General Mills

4. This oh-so-sweet sugar water was something that you would have gladly traded your sandwich for:

Courtesy of General Mills

5. And this was so gourmet that even Ina Garten would've been jealous of your lunch:

6. Watching viral videos meant watching this show:


7. How this gum gave you the best ~five~ seconds of flavor:

8. How each spoonful of vanilla ice cream also came with a hint of wood flavor:

9. The fear you felt that you might turn into a fruit whenever you bit into a Gushers:

Courtesy of General Mills

10. How much anxiety you got any time you played this game:

11. That this lineup was a reason to rush home from school:


12. And that this was lineup was a reason to look forward to Fridays:


13. How this literary classic taught you the importance of being yourself:

NordSüd Verlag

14. And how this literary classic put a hilarious twist on your favorite fairytales:

15. That there was no cooler person than JTT:

Brenda Chase / Stringer

16. How much this game brought out your inner artist:

17. The deep down feeling you had that you could've beaten the Aggro Crag:

18. The deep down frustration you felt 'cause you couldn't figure what out Home Improvement's Wilson looked like:


19. How excited you got to flip through the newest issue of Disney Adventures.

20. How Bill Nye actually made you want to learn more about science:


21. That there was no better place to have a birthday party than Discovery Zone:

Michael L. Abramson / Getty Images

22. How the Spice Girls were bigger than life. And that they released absolute pop gems:

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

23. How you thought you knew all the lyrics to "The Sign," but really all you knew was the chorus:

Sony Music

24. How you'd sit on a cheeseburger while eating a hamburger at McDonald's:

25. That these were the most stylish shoes you could own, even if they did make your feet smell and gave you blisters:

26. The craziness that was Hanson-mania and how everyone had a favorite brother:

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

27. How much genuine joy you got from creating "witch fingers":

28. The frustration you'd feel at NOT being able to see the hidden image:

Magic Eye Inc.

29. How much you wanted a Talkboy so that you could cause a bit of chaos like Kevin McCallister:

20th Century Fox

30. That this clock was home decor goals:

31. How the commercial for this made it look like the most intense game ever:

32. The way these smelled so amazing (well, expect for the licorice one):

33. The little joy you got playing with the big rain sticks any time you went into Natural Wonders:

34. The rush you got any time you walked into the Warner Bros. Studio Store:

35. How there was no better comedy duo than these two:


36. How eating one of these was truly a treat-yo'-self moment:

37. Just how LIT this scene was in A Goofy Movie:


38. The big rush you got looking at the Toys 'R' Us circular:

39. How cool you thought the "Got Milk?" campaign was:


40. And how Apple reminded you to "Think different":

Apple Inc.
Apple Inc.

41. Knowing you were a true movie connoisseur if your VHS collection looked like this:

42. Having this as your ultimate DREAM vacation destination:

43. Realizing the lesson was going to get serious whenever you teacher pulled down the maps:

44. Playing ~catch~ with this:

45. The intoxicating smell of a freshly opened can of Gak...

46. ...and a brand new Koosh ball.

47. The horror you felt whenever your Furby would talk to itself in the middle of the night:

Getty Images

48. Eating these very carefully so that you wouldn't burn the top of your mouth:

49. These snacks, that you’d secretly eat from your mom’s stash:

50. Thinking there was nothing cooler than the Power Rangers...

MarVista Entertainment

51. ...and the need to own every piece of merchandise they put out:

Joshua Roberts / AFP / Getty Images

52. Wanting badly to have a room as awesome as Arnold's, and TBH, you probably still do:


53. This was the most epic duet you had ever heard (and, LBH, it still is):

Universal Music

54. The first kitchen appliance you really wanted to own:

55. The absolute feeling of joy you got picking a movie to watch at Blockbuster:

56. Knowing Stick Stickly's address better than your own:


57. Wanting badly to order a subscription to this:

58. And REALLY, REALLY wanting a subscription to this:

59. Escaping into your own little world with these toys:

60. Eating mutant-colored popcorn:

Courtesy of General Mills

61. Knowing you were in for a treat whenever you put in an orange VHS tape in:

62. Heading directly to one of these consoles whenever you went into an arcade:

63. Joining this club...

64. ...and this one (all for the free mailers):

CW/Warner Bros. Television

65. Trying to skate with these and basically moving all of one mph:

66. Having a hard time picking which American Girl doll you wanted to get:

67. Knowing that this was REAL currency:

68. Staying home sick meant watching Bob Barker:


69. Spelling "boobies" with one these:

70. Feeling excited to get one of these 99 cent toys in a birthday party favor bag:

71. Feeling fancy and special whenever you drank from one of these...

72. ...or ate on one of these:

73. The frustrating feeling you felt when you ran out of frosting and still had leftover graham crackers:

Courtesy of General Mills

74. Getting freaked out anytime you read one of these:


75. And finally, wanting to have Mr. Feeny as your neighbor/teacher/life coach:

Disney / ABC
Disney / ABC

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