Ranking 24 Fictional Flight Attendants By Job Proficiency

    Fasten your seatbelts, folks. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

    Photo composite of various onscreen flight attendants

    24. Joserra (Javier Cámara), Ulloa (Raúl Arévalo), Fajas (Carlos Areces) — I'm So Excited

    Three male flight attendants dance on a plane

    23. Christine (Christina Applegate) — View From the Top

    Christina Applegate and Gwyneth Paltrow look at Rob Lowe; Christina stands in the middle wearing a bright pink dress

    22. Flight Attendant (Unknown) — Yellowjackets

    People boarding a plane as a flight attendant closes the overhead

    21. Flight Attendant/Alex (Jarred Blakiston) — The Wilds

    A group of girls scream for help on a beach

    20. Flight Attendant (Margaret Smith) — Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

    Cartoon: The Rugrat babies play on a plane; a flight attendant with a beverage cart is behind them

    19. Flight Attendant (Christina Kirk) — The Newsroom

    A man stands on a plane and looks somber as he looks at the pilot

    18. Flight Attendant (Paula Newsome) — Friends

    David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow look tense in an airport

    17. Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) — Jackie Brown

    Pam Grier stands in an airport wearing a flight attendant uniform

    16. Flight Attendant (Pamela Redfern) — Serendipity

    Molly Shannon and Kate Beckinsale sit excitedly in the back of a cab

    15. Cassie (Kaley Cuoco) — The Flight Attendant

    Kaley Cuoco stands in a fancy hotel room, looking shocked; she wears a flight attendant uniform

    14. Claire (Kirsten Dunst) — Elizabethtown

    Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst stand behind a door smiling

    13. Cindy Chandler (Kimberley Joseph) — Lost

    Two women and two men stand near the beach; they are dirty and disheveled

    12. Marci (Ellen Pompeo) — Catch Me if You Can

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Pompeo smile at each other on a plane; he wears a pilot uniform and she wears a flight attendant uniform

    11. Flight Attendant (Kali Rocha) — Meet the Parents

    Ben Stiller stands on a plane holding his suitcase to his chest

    10. Steve/Stove (Mitch Silpa) — Bridesmaids

    A woman confronts a man in a flight attendant uniform in the plane aisle

    9. Anita (Zooey Deschanel) — Almost Famous

    Zooey Deschanel stands outside with her arms crossed; she wears a flight attendant uniform

    8. Amelia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) — The Terminal

    Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tom Hanks are both on the phone at the airport; she wears a flight attendant uniform

    7. Elaine (Julie Hagerty) — Airplane!

    A flight attendant stands between a blow-up doll pilot and a real pilot in the plane cockpit

    6. First-Class Flight Attendant (Jerrica Lai) — Crazy Rich Asians

    5. Megan (Rosie Perez) — The Flight Attendant

    Rosie stands in the back of the cabin

    4. Laura (Margot Robbie), Maggie (Christina Ricci) — Pan Am

    Margot Robbie stands posing for a photo; she wears a Pan Am uniform and a Pan Am bag

    3. Claire (Julianna Margulies) — Snakes on a Plane

    Julianna Margulies holds an ax on a plane while looking terrified and wearing a flight attendant uniform

    2. Donna (Gwyneth Paltrow) — View From the Top

    Gwyneth Paltrow stands on an escalator in an airport; she wears a flight attendant uniform

    1. Flight Attendants (Shanna Moakler, Andrew Shaifer, Marnie Schneider) — The Wedding Singer

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