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    • dallasd2

      Congratulations on selectingalist of transpeople from diverse backgrounds— but some of these folks seem to not really have achieved anything of note. For instance, bless Elliot Fukui’s for his passion and dedication, but his primary credential seems to be, if the brief bio is correct, “beingastrong advocate.” Was thisapopularity contest? Where’s Jamison Green? Jessica Xavier? Joanna Clark (formerly Sister Mary Elizabeth)? Jude Patton? Riki Anne Wilchins? Chelsea Goodwin? Gwen Smith? Shannon Minter and two dozen others? Why this list of mostly web-behind-the-ears activists? Why weren’t more of the people who built this community listed? This would have made more sense if it had been designed asalist of up-and-coming people and not the top 100 supposed stars in the trans community.

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