100 Amazing Trans Americans You Should Know

    The inaugural Trans 100 List celebrates groundbreaking work being done by trans people across the country.

    An independent filmmaker in Oakland, the executive director of the only LGBT center in Queens, an advocate for trans students, the first trans reality-television star, trans pioneers, as well as emerging trans voices are all included in the inaugural Trans 100.

    The brainchild of We Happy Trans' Jen Richards and Antonia D'orsay, executive director of This Is How, the Trans 100 represents an effort — which will hopefully be reflected across the LGBT community — to break down implicit (and explicit) transphobia in media coverage by highlighting the diversity of trans Americans. Janet Mock, a noted trans activist and member of this year's list, declared during her keynote address at the Trans 100 Launch event on March 29 in Chicago, "I am here tonight because of the 99 other names on the inaugural Trans 100 list and the unrecognized thousands who are not on this list whose quiet acts are changing lives."

    The project received over 500 nominations in December 2012, then narrowed down to spotlight 100 trans artists, educators, activists, and writers. Notably, GLAAD — which used the GLAAD Awards last month in NYC to highlight its renewed commitment to trans issues — is the list's inaugural sponsor. Wilson Cruz, an actor and strategic giving officer for the advocacy group, explained in a statement, "While media coverage so often misses the mark on accurate portrayals of trans people, the Trans 100 is changing the game by sharing the inspiring and diverse stories behind trans advocacy."

    Here is the list, published in its entirety for the first time.