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    Listen: Here’s Why This Super Popular TikToker Is Making People Uncomfortable

    “It also made me think about the non-Asian people laughing at it — at her expense, at the expense of people who authentically have that accent, who can’t turn it off, and who have been ridiculed their whole lives for it.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. TikToker Linda Dong (aka LeendaDong) has amassed a huge audience of nearly 16 million followers. In most of her videos, she’s seen looking decidedly unkempt, wearing her hair in a messy bun and donning sweatpants, a style in direct contrast to many of her made-up and dressed up peers. She also often speaks in a pan-Asian accent — one that, it turns out, is likely not authentic.

    Screenshot of TikToks by @yoleendadong. In one she's wearing a black t-shirt and appears to be yelling. In another she's in sweatpants and a sweatshirt with the text: "outfits that I wore this week"

    Today, BuzzFeed’s Tanya Chen joins us to discuss why it’s hard for her to watch what was once one of her favorite social media personalities.

    2. Your chance to date like it’s 1800s England is finally here — Peacock is launching a Bridgerton-style dating show.

    Hear ye, hear ye... Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance is coming soon to Peacock.

    Twitter: @peacockTV

    3. Megan Fox has opened up about protecting her son from bullies who think boys shouldn’t wear dresses.

    Photo of Megan Fox from the waist up in a satin pink dress with silver straps looking off-camera

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