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    Listen: It’s Going To Be A Very Slutty Summer And That Creates Some Serious Sexual Health Concerns

    “Oh my god, because everyone’s getting vaccinated, it’s hot girl vaccinated summer! People are getting back out there in the world.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. So we have all had to give up a lot over this past year of the COVID-19 pandemic: seeing loved ones, putting off major milestones like weddings or having children. And if you’re single, it probably also means you haven’t been doing a lot of dating or having a lot of sex.

    All of this is why we’re expecting a lot of Americans to go wild as COVID restrictions ease this summer. To sort through what that might mean as far as safe sex, we’re talking about that with BuzzFeed News reporter Julia Reinstein. She wrote the piece “Experts Predict A Slutty Summer — And An STI Spike”

    2. Elon Musk will be hosting SNL and no one is really happy about it--including the cast.

    3. Epicurious will stop posting recipes involving beef on its site.

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