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    Listen: These Are The Black Country Artists We Should Be Supporting In Light Of Morgan Wallen’s Racist Comments

    “It’s a particular recurring embarrassment of country music—That they seem to only make room for one Black artist at a time.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. On today’s podcast we’re talking about the changing tide of country music. Which is maybe not changing fast enough.

    We all remember Morgan Wallen, right? He’s the country star who was caught on camera saying a racial slur last week. Well, even after being denounced by the entire industry, and pulled off country radio, his album is still number one.

    Elamin Abdelmahmoud joins us to talk about what happened, and what it’s going to take to see meaningful change in the country music industry. He also gave us a list of six Black country artists we should be listening to right now:

    Jimmie Allen

    Chapel Hart

    Brittney Spencer


    Willie Jones

    Mickey Guyton

    Elamin points out that Guyton made history after being nominated for a country Grammy, but has never even put out a country album. He says her record label wasn’t sure how to position her in the country music market.

    “She put out a song during the Black Lives Matter movement last year, called ‘Black Like Me.’ It’s a beautiful song. And it started charting and got nominated for a country grammy. Now it’s this embarrassing moment for the industry. She’s now nominated for a grammy, still not having the support of that industry.”

    Listen to hear Elamin’s take on the support TJ Osborne, of the Brothers Osborne, has received since coming out last week.

    2. We’re taking a look back at a time when Craig Ferguson was Britney Spears’ only defender.

    3. Lana Condor will be behind and in front of the camera for a new Netflix series.

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