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    Listen: Why 2021 Is The Year Of “Comfortable Horror Films”

    “We’re definitely seeing kind of a throwback to comfortable horror films, if you will…the kind of characters and franchises that we’re familiar with… And the new stuff is kind of throwing it back to old-school stuff.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. This year, horror is going back to the basics. With new Saw, Candyman, and Halloween movies, not to mention Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy, some of the most anticipated horror movies of 2021 are the ones that are throwing it back to the content many of us grew up with.

    Universal Pictures, Netflix

    Today, BuzzFeed’s resident final girl Allie Hayes joins us to break down 2021’s entries into the genre and why it’s such a great year for “comfort horror.”

    2. People are trashing a “women-led” boutique whose VP accidentally sent a TikToker an email calling her “not that cute.”

    3. Ride-share drivers and passengers — particularly Black and LGBTQ ones — are being falsely reported for violating mask guidelines.

    Professionalstudioimages / Getty Images

    Portrait of African-American With Protective Face Mask Who is Walking in the Street and Waving to Catch the Taxi. A Mature Casually Dressed Man is in Rush and Looking for the Cab.

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