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    Listen: My Friend Wants My Husband To Be Her Sperm Donor--What Do I Do?

    “On the one hand your friend says your husband would just be a sperm donor—but then she suggests your kids could be siblings. It’s hard to imagine that happening without your husband being involved.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Stephen Laconte has now joined the BuzzFeed Daily team as a co-host--but he’s still here to offer advice on his DM 911 segment!

    Today Stephen is offering advice to someone who found an old high school friend on Tinder and wants to know if it’s creepy to look her up and message her on her social accounts.

    He’s also revisiting advice he’s given to a woman who wants to know if she should tell her boyfriend that she was unfaithful in a past relationship and a writer whose best friend is asking if she can use the writer’s husband as a sperm donor.

    2. Tia and Tamera Mowry are discussing their tearful reunion.

    3. Sarah Palin, of all people, is asking people to mask up.