Listen: Disney’s First Film With LGBTQ+ Leads May Never Be Finished

    “From what I’ve been told by employees, this was going to be a very explicitly queer relationship. There would be a kiss, an ‘I love you.’ It wasn’t going to be coded like you see in a lot of Disney movies.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. It looks like Disney’s first feature-length animated film featuring LGBTQ leads may be dead before most of us knew it was even happening. Last week BuzzFeed News reporter Lauren Strapagiel reported production on “Nimona” had been stopped after Blue Sky Studios, which was producing the film, was shut down by Disney.

    Today Lauren joined us to talk about the film’s origins and Disney’s history of coding queer relationships on screen.

    2. Connecticut has made natural hair discrimination illegal.

    3. We’re getting an anthology of darkly comic feminist fables from Apple.

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