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    Listen: The Woman Who Created The Gender Reveal Party Also Thinks They're Dangerous And Unnecessary

    “There are plenty of reasons to have a party. The internet is so creative. There is so much we can do that doesn’t focus on whether your child has a penis or not.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We hate to say it-- but it’s time to talk about gender reveal parties. Again. That’s because last weekend another person died--this time a young father-to-be--while he was reportedly cooking up some kind of explosive device for one of these parties.

    It’s time for gender reveal parties to end. But, if people won’t listen to us--maybe they’ll listen to Jenna Karvunidis. She held the very first gender reveal party back in 2008. And she agrees.

    And just to state the obvious--we clearly can’t hold Jenna accountable for all of the wild stunts people have pulled over the years. We brought her on the podcast because she has a unique perspective. Listen to hear what she has to say about her very first gender reveal party, what we should be celebrating instead, and how her attitude about gender has changed over the years.

    2. Zendaya is doing more things we love.

    3. Everyone’s reexamining how John Mayer has treated women in the past.

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