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    We Rounded Up Our Favorite Medical TikToks From 2021 — Including The Woman Whose Vape Gave Her Chlamydia of the Lungs

    “Eventually they found out she had chlamydia in her lungs from a bad vape cartridge.”

    It’s the final week of the year and we’re gonna be going through the wildest moments of 2021! Today is our look back at the best (and weirdest) of Medical Tiktok.

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    In this episode, we've got a woman who got chlamydia in her lungs from vaping, someone who used a magic eraser on their teeth, and a woman who had a wedgie so bad she went into septic shock. Enjoy!

    First up, the woman who got chlamydia from her vape...

    BuzzFeed Daily: What was your reaction when you found that one?

    KT: Terrified, I guess? People are like, "Well, you know, if you're going to smoke, do a vape because it's healthier" and then you see people on the other side and they're like, "Actually, no, smoking an actual plant is better than the juice or whatever is in those vape pens." So it was just super interesting to me. 

    I actually reached out to a doctor to get some more information. I talked to Dr. Luis Chug, and he is quadruple board-certified in internal medicine, pulmonary critical care, and sleep medicine. So he knows his stuff. But basically, he talked about how lung chlamydia can happen and the risks and signs to look out for. Basically, you just need to be careful with the cartridges that you're buying, because if you're buying them from a second-hand shop, you don't really know where they're coming from. Those cartridges could contain bacteria, and when you inhale them in, it goes into your lungs and therefore giving you an infection. It's in the family of pneumonia, actually. So it's like chlamydia pneumoniae.

    Then there was the woman who decided to whiten her teeth with a Magic Eraser...

    BuzzFeed Daily: OK, so viral whitening teeth trends are nothing new on TikTok, but a woman who uses a Magic Eraser to whiten her teeth gave us all a moment of pause. Talk to us about how this woman's weird dental hygiene sparked a viral commotion.

    BuzzFeed Daily: You went straight to the professionals to clarify why it isn't a good idea. What's the expert advice on why you shouldn't do this, outside the obvious?

    KT: One of the big things that Dr. Zainab Mackie, who I spoke with, said, is that rubbing this on your teeth is actually going to break down the enamel of your teeth, and we're born with only so much enamel. So once you rub it away and you're stripping it down, you're never going to get it back. And then she also said that basically this outer layer of our tooth, which is the enamel, is actually whiter than what's underneath it. Like once you get down further to the structure of the tooth, it's more yellow. So really doing this, especially for a prolonged period of time — such as years, like she's been doing — is just going to have the opposite effect because her teeth are just going to be more yellow and then wearing down your enamel makes it more sensitive all around. It's just a bad idea. 

    Our next TikTok is about the destructive power of underwear.

    BuzzFeed Daily: OK, so a woman named Sam in North Carolina was going on a date and decided to wear some high-waisted shorts. Definitely a great choice for a date, but not a great choice for her ass. Apparently, the next day she felt a sore where the wedgie was chafing her and by the following morning, she was being rushed to the ER in full-on septic shock. You actually interviewed Sam for your piece on BuzzFeed. So what happened? I mean, how did a wedgie land her in the ER?

    We also wanted to throw a couple of new TikToks in the mix because they’re like a neverending car crash that you can’t look away from. These are both courtesy of Krista Torres, who is our Medical TikTok MVP for the year.

    Up first is a doctor who has gone viral for explaining why people usually think the left side of their face is more attractive than the right side.

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    TikTok user @LifeOfADoctor is an emergency physician who has created a huge social media following with his medical explainers.

    Recently he posted a video that has been viewed over 11 million times explaining the “Left-Side Bias Phenomenon.” 

    Warning to our listeners, our next story is…absolutely disgusting. So apparently there’s a big conversation happening on TikTok between women about how it’s anatomically impossible, or at the very least difficult, to wipe from front to back.

    As always, thanks for listening!