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Feb 2017
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    d4e6f0587e commented on What Are Your Unpopular "Gilmore Girls" Opinions?

    Oh man I watch Gilmore Girls every night and while I love the show, it has its flaws. Continuity is a big issue. When Jess was introduced they said his father took off a couple years ago then later said he left when he was born. ???? That's kind of a big detail to just switch around.… 


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    d4e6f0587e commented on Tell Us What Married Folks Want Their Single Friends To Know

    I still wanna hang out and it doesn't have to be me and my husband. We're still friends before marriage and I haven't changed now that I'm married. We can still have girl nights and go out and do all the things we used to do before I got married.


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    d4e6f0587e commented on What's The Most Annoying Moment From "Gilmore Girls"?

    I hated how in the revival Rory didn't work as hard as she usually did at being a journalist. I'm sorry but someone who as a sophomore in high school wrote about something as mundane as the repaving of Chilton's sidewalk and turned it into an amazing piece shouldn't have been complaining… 


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    d4e6f0587e commented on What's The Most Annoying Thing That Happens In Every Teen Movie?

    In literally any Disney movie the outrageous fashion choices. Teenage girls don't wear heels to school! Nor can you fit everything in those tiny purses! Where are the school bags and where are the books!? Also the quiet nerdy girl who wore glasses ending up with a makeover always… 


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