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Tell Us What Married Folks Want Their Single Friends To Know

Sometimes they just don't understand.

A while back, we asked single people to tell us what they want their married friends to know, and the responses were totally honest and real:


But then it occurred to us that married people might have a few things they'd like to tell their single friends, too:


So now we want to know what you — married folks — want your friends who aren't married to know.


Maybe it's that no, you can't go out with them as much as you used to — and TBH, you don't really want to.

Naomi / Via Twitter: @crazyemee

Or perhaps it's that you don't mean to tell your spouse all their business, but sometimes it just slips.


Two became one, after all.

It might be that sometimes you really miss your single days.

Heather Jones / Via Twitter: @HeatherDawn9810

Or that marriage isn't exactly the fairytale they think it is.


Or maybe it's that even though you're married now, you still need your friends more than ever.

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Whatever you want your single friends to know, we want to hear it! Tell us in the Dropbox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!