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9 Insane International Fast Food Items That We Need In Canada

We will eat it all.

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3. Church's Chicken-Waffle Bites.

Church's Chicken / Via Facebook: churchschicken

Available in: The States.

Chicken and waffles might sound like an odd combination, but it is ACTUALLY DELICIOUS. Not sure if Church's would live up to a genuine Belgian waffle/fried chicken combination, but they have maple butter dipping sauce so it's worth a try.

4. Jack In The Box's Hella Peño Burger.

Jack In The Box / Via

Available in: The States.

Even if you're into spice, Jack In The Box's Hella Peño Burger might just have you reaching for a glass of milk. It's got stuffed jalapeños, sliced jalapeños, and melty cheese.


7. Pizza Hut's Sweet Sriracha Dynamite Pizza.

Pizza Hut

Available in: The States

Since Sriracha sauce makes EVERYTHING better, it seems like a fantastic idea to put it on pizza. Now, who do we lobby to get this up here?

8. The McDonald's McSpicy Paneer.

McDonald's / Via

Available in: India.

The McSpicy Paneer is breaded, fried paneer with tandoori mayo. Paneer is a fresh, white cheese commonly used in Indian Cuisine. Indian food is generally pretty awesome, so this seems like it could really -spice up- our McDonald's menu.

The Taco Bell Quesarito is now available in Canada, BuzzFeed Canada confirmed. We listed this item in the previous version of this post. Sorry!