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18 Things You Learn When You Date Someone From Alberta

Come for the jobs*, stay for the locals.

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*Jobs may not be available at this time, but the locals are still great.

1. A "weekend getaway" will always mean a trip to the mountains.

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Banff, Lake Louise, or Jasper are usually top picks.

2. And you should always be prepared for snowboarding season — you may even be forced into getting a season's pass.

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That is if you want to see them at all for the next four months.

3. If your significant other works in the oilfield, you'll have to get used to long-distance relationships.

And get really good at conveying your love over Skype or FaceTime.

4. And you better brace yourself for the ups and downs of trying to budget with someone who works in oil.

5. Your significant other will either be a Flames fan or an Oilers fan. Either way, they will be engaged in a heated rivalry with the opposite team. So pick your battles wisely.

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And you'll soon find yourself sporting matching jerseys at a Battle of Alberta game.

6. At one point you'll have a date night at the Fantasyland Hotel.

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Where you'll take bubble bath photos in this tub.

7. Their first water park experience was at West Ed, and they'll want you to sample the thrills there, too.

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8. If you're dating a Calgarian, you'll soon find out that they have a full wardrobe of Western Wear.

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But it only gets dusted off for Stampede.

9. And your significant other will probably pull you into a line dance at some point during Stampede week.

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10. They'll encourage your inauguration into the "calories don't count during Stampede" club.

11. A ~romantic~ dinner will include a steak 90% of the time.

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I <3 Alberta beef.

12. And you'll quickly find yourself drinking wheat ale with them on a patio.

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13. You'll spend weekends at their cabin — not their cottage. (Important distinction).

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14. When you visit your significant other's parents, it might well mean a trip to 'The Hat' or 'The Bridge'.

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Medicine Hat and Lethbridge, respectively.

15. Or if their parents are from small-town Alberta, a visit could mean a stop at the best candy store around.

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16. You'll have to either get used to them bragging about their truck, or complaining about all the other trucks.

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17. If they were in Calgary in '04, they'll never get tired of telling you "Red Mile" stories.

This is where I was standing when Iggy scored a third-period goal! My teachers didn&#x27;t even give us homework that night!
Creative Commons / Via Flickr: sowrey

This is where I was standing when Iggy scored a third-period goal! My teachers didn't even give us homework that night!

18. And finally, if things are going dandy, you *might* just get engaged in Banff.

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