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16 Canadians Who Just Aren't Ready For Another Winter

AKA all of us. Goodbye, sweet warmth.

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1. These guys, who will have to pack away their lawn chairs for a lawn, lawn time.

2. This man, whose legs won't be getting a sweet tan anymore.

3. This baby, who will have to say goodbye to the boating life.

4. This young man, who will no longer be able to jump into lakes whilst drinking beer*.

*Without getting hypothermia.

5. This lady, who must put an end to frolicking in waterfalls.

6. This dude, who will have to get out of his muskoka chair.

His beard will provide him with great face warmth in the coming months, though.

So there's that.

7. This dog, who won't be able to play fetch without getting lost in the snow.

8. This woman, who soon won't be able to make such impressive catches.

And who might have to go to Superstore for her dinner.

9. This father and son duo, who will have to put on shirts — and coats, mitts, tuques, and skates — to play hockey.

10. This kid, who will miss campfire s'mores the mostest.

11. These sunbathers, who might have to deflate that floating trampoline.

12. This adorable little girl who won't have flowers to turn her nose yellow.

13. This couple, who won't be able to do...whatever they're doing on that paddle board.

14. This cat, who will have to say goodbye to Sundays spent chilling on the deck.

15. This girl, who might have a harder time finding Mountie-bears to take pictures with.

16. And finally, this dog who just CAN'T EVEN with winter.

He's moving to Florida. Same, dog, same.