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Newsroom Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

It is always great to get things off to a running start and this show did just that. We already have questions, theories, and even less answers. I mean the show has practically turned the common HBO viewer community into an ACN journalist and we’re not even getting paid. Let’s delve see what happened this week on The Newsroom.

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Neal, The Whistler Blower, and The FBI

As we know last week Neal (Dev Patel) received some “classified” documents that could potentially put him in jail. Well this week the Rebel with a Cause took matters into his own hands. He, Will, Mac, and ACN lawyer Rebecca Halliday (guest star Marcia Gay Harden) relentlessly argued about the potential dangers of airing the story, that is until Neal decides to make a call that changes everything. Long story short, by the end of this episode Neal is on the run and we don’t want him to get caught. Run Neal run!

The Twins

We love it when Reese (Chris Messina) gets angry. It is not only comical, but we see why he is so important to the show. So when it came to saving ACN from his money hungry twin siblings Blair (Kat Dennings) and Randy (Christopher Nicholas Smith), we just sat back and kicked our feet up. As much as we love Kat Dennings can you believe she is being such a blatant pain in the A—. However, Leona Lansing (Jane Fonda) came in with the fist of God and shut down the greedy fiends. But now they have to come up with $4 billion dollars in 10 days. Hopefully that won’t be too much of a problem… we are praying that isn’t too much of a problem.

Mac has Friends in High Places

Mac is the person you always want in your corner. If not for the shoes then for the people she just happens to know. In this case she has the FBI on her side. We wish we could say we were besties with them. But we are not so sure how close they are after this little FBI raid that closes this episode. One thing is for sure some loyalties will be tested.

The Tweet Heard Around The World

Who doesn’t does love social media? It keeps us connected, informed and amused. In some cases we can even relieve stress with it. But when you directly target the GOP forma verified Twitter account things don’t really go well. For Jim’s girlfriend Hallie, she found out the hard way. Although she was fired, and then publically outed herself, job offers kept pouring in. Which is very interesting, due to the fact they she left her biases affect her job. However, we did learn the perfect way to get a fast job offer.

Maggie’s Got Ethics

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. We love us some Maggie. She is smart, amazing, and has a great moral compass. Well more or less she does. Her ethical standpoint while almost blackmailing and EPA official nabs her a story… and a guy? We wonder how Jim is going to take this.

Don and Sloan Our New Favorite Couple

We love Will and Mac, they were inevitable, but Don and Sloan “hands-down” our new favorites. They were freaking adorable during this entire episode. Between the food sharing and fake family outing proposal, we can tell they are defiantly here for the long haul. Unless Don does something stupid, but we feel that paying $1000 for Sloan’s autograph has a lot of clout at least a good six months worth right?

All we know is that we are very excited to see what is going to happen next week. If not for the $4 billion dollar issue, then the whole Neal bit will definitely have us in out seats. Tune in to HBO at 9pm this Sunday to see what happens to the team.

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