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The Age Old Question: Mac And Cheese Or Nah?

This guy literally went to jail over Mac and Cheese.

Cydney Fisher 4 years ago

The Japanese House Released A New Single!

The ears will forever be thankful!

Cydney Fisher 4 years ago
Cydney Fisher 4 years ago

The Japanese House Will Give You All The Feels

Be ready to sit back and give your ears the chillest workout ever.

Cydney Fisher 4 years ago

Yoga Has Been Good To Janelle Monáe

Did I mention Janelle is EVERYTHING!!!!

Cydney Fisher 4 years ago

Newsroom Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

It is always great to get things off to a running start and this show did just that. We already have questions, theories, and even less answers. I mean the show has practically turned the common HBO viewer community into an ACN journalist and we’re not even getting paid. Let’s delve see what happened this week on The Newsroom.

Cydney Fisher 4 years ago

Back To You Will: The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Hard core news, on a Sunday night can only mean one thing The Newsroom is back. And who is not excited for the final season of the epic Emmy nominated show? HBO is really tugging at our heart string during this last ode to great news. But enough of that now let's get to what matters. They Story.

Cydney Fisher 4 years ago

10 Types Of People I See On The Big Blue Bus

Being a transplant from the east coast, I ride this bus almost everyday. So I see a lot of the oddly amusing people who make up Los Angeles. So felt that immortalizing them would be a nice tribute to the city. And my way of saying I love you LA!

Cydney Fisher 4 years ago

15 Vegetarian Soups That Will Keep You Warm This Fall

Fall has always been on of my favorite seasons! I love it for the soups and the pumpkin spiced lattes!

Cydney Fisher 5 years ago

32 Ingenious Ways To Eat Pumpkin All Day Long

"Get Ready. Pumpkin EVERYTHING is coming." — House Stark, probably.

Tara Mastroeni 5 years ago