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    21 People Who Will Make You Say, "Okay, You Had ONE Job"

    Come on, now.

    1. This floor installer who just wants to watch the world burn:

    2. The person responsible for this packaging:

    3. This employee who PRINTED a restroom sign with Braille:

    4. This bag-filler who's really not about labels:

    5. This book-maker who might need to go back to school:

    6. The bottle designer who isn't really into comic books:

    7. This sign-maker who almost got it right:

    8. This restaurant worker who was on auto-pilot:

    9. This bathroom builder who just wanted to switch things up, apparently:

    10. This labeler who got very confused:

    11. This packager who just wants to mess with your head:

    12. This construction worker who should've planned a little better:

    13. This lighter designer who got a bit confused:

    14. This grocery store worker who maybe forgot the legal drinking age?

    15. This painter who got a little too wild:

    16. This kitchen designer who apparently never cooks:

    17. This packager who was like, 75% right is still mostly right:

    18. This button installer who apparently worked for Willy Wonka in the past:

    19. This floor maker who was basically like, "Fuck you!":

    20. This box-filler who had a 50/50 shot, but failed:

    21. And finally, this maze-maker who should've spent a LITTLE more time this: