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Aug 5, 2015

What Did You Think About Most When You Were A College Senior?

"Want to stay here forever."

They say college is the best years of your life.

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Many of us go in as one person and come out as another.

You have some fun, make a few friends for life...

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No truer friend than the one who doesn't mind looking like a fool with you.

...and hopefully learn a thing or two.

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From the classes you didn't skip, of course.

But by the time you're a senior you start to have serious thoughts...

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Less than a year left! how precious these last few years have been.

Don't wish away your senior year so fast bc before you know it, it's all over & growing up isn't as great as it seems

And the pains of getting older.

*exams over* Highschool: "omg I cannot wait to go out!" College: "omg I cannot wait to got to bed!" #TrueLife #Collegesenior

Not to mention the struggles of the "real world."

So whether you're a rising college senior or have memories from your own senior year, we want to know what you thought about the most! Share with us below in the comment section.

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