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    30 Details From The First Season Of "Westworld" To Help You Remember WTF Happened

    "The maze wasn't meant for you."

    Fair warning: If you haven't watched Westworld Season 1, then don't read the following post unless you want all the plot spoilers.

    1. Dr. Robert Ford is dead.

    2. And Bernard turned out to be a Host-version of Arnold Weber — Ford's old partner.

    3. Ford also made Bernard shoot himself in the head, but Maeve had him brought back online.

    4. The Man in Black (Ed Harris) turned out to be an older version of William (Jimmi Simpson).

    5. Speaking of the past, did you notice the older, different Westworld logo when we first met young William?

    6. After we saw young William turn "bad" and choose his famous black hat, he then sent his soon-to-be-brother-in-law Logan off, buck naked on a horse at the edge of the park.

    7. Remember this photo? It turned out to be a picture of Logan's sister, William's fiancé Juliet.

    8. The character "Wyatt" that old William was searching for throughout most of Season 1 turned out to be Dolores.

    9. There was a "maze" that Arnold had created, which old William was obsessed with finding — although, it turned out that the maze was meant for the Hosts. Not the guests.

    10. Everyone thought the reveries (the small gestures) the Hosts started showing were created by Ford, but it turned out they were actually created by Arnold.

    11. When we last saw Maeve, she was THIS CLOSE to escaping the park when she changed her mind, got off the train, and went back into the park to find her daughter.

    12. And, in case you thought, "Oh, but that was written into her new narrative" — take a look at THIS detail you probably missed.

    13. Maeve's partner-in-crime Felix is still around and somehow still has a job.

    14. And, although she had her brain drilled, good ol' Clementine is still around too!

    15. Teddy is alive, too, and STILL playing the part of the guy who'd do anything for Dolores.

    16. Also, IDK if you remember, but there was this cool detail where you could literally SEE him remembering what happened to him by the end of Episode 1.

    17. Hector went out, guns-blazing, to help Maeve escape — so, he was probably killed, but for sure will be back in Season 2.

    18. Same with his pal Armistice.

    19. Don't forget, the company running this park (and a bunch of other parks, including Shogun World— which will be heavily featured in Season 2) is called Delos.

    20. And William is a Delos board member (as well as a major shareholder).

    21. Charlotte Hale is the Executive Director of the board.

    22. And we saw her attempting to steal the entire Westworld park's code/data using the host body of Peter Abernathy (Dolores' original dad).

    23. The last we saw of Charlotte, she was running away when the Hosts started attacking the guests during Ford's big ~send off~.

    24. Oh, yeah, and don't forget that poor Theresa is dead.

    25. As is Elsie...although MAYBE NOT?

    26. The last time we saw Stubbs, he was attacked by a Ghost Nation warrior.

    27. Lawrence is still alive, the last time we saw him he was happy and performing card tricks for guests.

    28. For a minute, we thought Teddy REALLY brought Dolores to the place where "the mountains meet the sea," but it turned out to just be a part of a "new" narrative.

    29. Ford's new narrative actually turned out to be chaos, effectively, about the Hosts remembering what happened — much to old William's delight, too!

    30. And finally, Dolores did reach the center of Arnold's Maze.