17 Things "Us" Left Us Seriously Wondering About

    How come Jason was (seemingly) able to control his doppelgänger?


    1. How exactly does tethering work?

    2. And how did the government clone people — like, were they taking DNA samples from hospitals or something?!

    3. Are they cloning children? Because Adelaide/Red's story said she gave birth to her "shadow" children in the underground.

    4. Are the tethered "shadow" people actually human?

    5. When exactly did the government abandon their cloning/doppelgänger project?

    6. And, speaking of which, when did they START it?!

    7. How come Jason, the son, was (seemingly) able to control his doppelgänger?

    8. How are they making those fancy golden scissors (and handcuffs) in the underground?

    9. And, while we're at it, same question about the red jumpsuits...

    10. ...and fingerless gloves.

    11. What exactly were the tethered people eating underground when they weren't feasting on raw rabbits?

    12. What was it exactly about Adelaide/Red's dancing that made the tethered people know she was "different?"

    13. Did little Adelaide/Red run UP that escalator to get up above ground?

    14. Can the doppelgängers live forever?

    15. Why was Jason looking at his mother suspiciously in the car near the end — did he overhear her conversation with her "shadow" self?

    16. Who's in the helicopters at the end, and what's the plan?

    17. And finally, this isn't a big deal, but was Jason's mask ~supposed~ to be a Chewbacca mask?

    What questions do YOU still have? Tell us below!