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    Posted on Jun 25, 2018

    17 Twitter Reactions To The "Westworld" Season 2 Finale That Are Like, "What In The Actual Fuck?!"

    "Happy that Akecheta and Teddy made it to San Junipero."


    Do you think there is someone out there who just finished the #Westworld finale and was like, "Yeah. That's pretty much what I figured"?


    It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years since I watched season 2 finale of #Westworld. Or is that just 15 minutes ago? I have no freaking idea.


    You die and you die and you die and your a host #Westworld


    I think Westworld has mastered the art of preventing spoilers. I couldn't spoil what happened to you even if I tried LOL #Westworld


    So much of the #Westworld plot could have been avoided if they incorporated this simple technology


    Someone connected the dots between Season 1 and Season 2 of #Westworld


    Can’t believe all the #westworld hosts get to hang out in the Mac OS high Sierra default wallpaper


    on a scale of 1 to bernard, how confused are you with #Westworld season 2 finale?


    Bernard asking “Is this now?” is all of us watching the #Westworld finale


    Questioning whether I am a host at this point... #westworld


    Happy that Akecheta and Teddy made it to San Junipero. #Westworld


    #Westworld So Dolores lives and maeve dead


    I wonder if I did some tequila shots, smoked some cannabis, dropped acid, consumed shrooms & peyote, if #Westworld would become a linear story line that would make perfect sense... 🤔


    #Westworld "Westworld is weird because it keeps telling us how horrible and simple-minded we are as a species yet also expects us to follow the most complex narrative to ever air on TV"


    So who tf is going to be in season 3 of #Westworld #WestworldFinale


    Westworld Westworl Westwor Westwo Westw West Wes We W Wh What What t What th What the What the f What the fu What the fuc What the fuck #Westworld


    OMG I finally understand what was happening in #Westworld all along. Said no one ever.

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