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    Posted on May 7, 2018

    16 "Westworld" Twitter Reactions To This Week's Episode That Are Both Funny And Relatable

    "Westworld is the television equivalent of edging."


    I relate to teddy in #Westworld cause I too have no idea what’s going on but I would also kill for dolores abernathy without question


    Dolores is basically going full T-1000 at this point #Westworld


    I’m so glad Shiva found new work after leaving The Walking Dead #Westworld


    #Westworld has theeee most beautiful intro I’ve ever seen in a TV show and also really makes me want milk & cookies


    Me trying to figure out how the timelines fit together in #westworld


    Let's all take a moment to thank @TessaThompson_x for giving us a prime #Westworld #mood GIF🖕🖕🖕


    Dolores getting shot and never breaking her stride is my new sexuality. #Westworld


    Awesome. I was really hoping for another timeline to follow in #Westworld, especially one with tigers. I didn't want to understand what was going on for more than 5 minutes anyway.


    The season's Westworld aesthetic of strong women being backed by gunslinging men is the vibe I want for the rest of my life. #Westworld


    Maeve: *inhales* Hector: "Yes. Anything. Whatever you need. What is it? I'm ready my love, my sole purpose in this life." The #Westworld couple I never expected & will never let go.


    we’re 20 mins into #westworld and i still have no idea what the fuck is happening or what the fuck i even want to happen in this episode


    Westworld is the television equivalent of edging


    Distracted boyfriend, @WestworldHBO edition


    I tell ya, 99% of me watching Westworld with my parents is me answering “yes” or “no” to them asking “Now, is that one a robot?”


    I am more invested in what happens to Bengal Tiger Delos Park Lady than any other character on #Westworld so far.


    Confession: at dinner parties I pretend to understand wtf is happening on West World.

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