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23 Geeky Couple Tattoos That Are Beyond Perfect

"To ∞ and beyond."

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1. This elegant homage to Toy Story.

Simply put.

2. This perfectly Potterific pair.


3. And also this heartbreaking Harry Potter homage.

"After all this time? Always."

4. This superbly dynamic duo.



5. And this Batman and Nightwing rockin' duo.

"Holy cute tats, Batman!"

6. This comical couple that loves Calvin and Hobbes.

The only thing more beautiful than one great imagination is two.

7. These Star Wars lovin' star crossed lovers.

"I love you. I know."

8. This magical Minnie pair.

"Throwback to our Disney engagement with a matching tattoo."


9. These Legend of Zelda lovers.

"They say 'I love you' in the Hylian language (Ocarina of Time be specific)."

10. This Super Mario Bros. set.

No doubt they love to 1UP each other.

11. And this Princess Peach and Mario match made in NES heaven.


12. This chemically balanced couple.

"I got dopamine and he got serotonin. Two of the main chemicals involved with love and happiness."


13. This perfect Pac-Man pairing.

Nom nom nom!

14. These Space Invaders loving newlyweds.

"Getting married does not mean #GameOver it means #PressStart cuz it's just the beginning."

15. This tic-tac-toe twosome.

Evenly matched.

16. This puzzling pair that has it all figured out.

And those pixel hearts!


17. This Tolkien approved twosome.

Written in Tengwar (Elvish) script, of course.

18. These book lovers who are giving it their all.

Feeling all the feels.

19. This terrific Tetris team who go together perfectly.

Level up!

20. This adventurous couple.

"What time is it?"


21. These Lego lovers who are perfectly fitted.


22. This Jack Skellington (key) that fits perfectly into its matching Sally (lock).

"We're simply meant to be."

23. And this adorably illustrated My Little Pony pair.

Tats are magic.