23 Geeky Couple Tattoos That Are Beyond Perfect

    "To ∞ and beyond."

    1. This elegant homage to Toy Story.

    2. This perfectly Potterific pair.

    3. And also this heartbreaking Harry Potter homage.

    4. This superbly dynamic duo.

    5. And this Batman and Nightwing rockin' duo.

    6. This comical couple that loves Calvin and Hobbes.

    7. These Star Wars lovin' star crossed lovers.

    8. This magical Minnie pair.

    9. These Legend of Zelda lovers.

    10. This Super Mario Bros. set.

    11. And this Princess Peach and Mario match made in NES heaven.

    12. This chemically balanced couple.

    13. This perfect Pac-Man pairing.

    14. These Space Invaders loving newlyweds.

    15. This tic-tac-toe twosome.

    16. This puzzling pair that has it all figured out.

    17. This Tolkien approved twosome.

    18. These book lovers who are giving it their all.

    19. This terrific Tetris team who go together perfectly.

    20. This adventurous couple.

    21. These Lego lovers who are perfectly fitted.

    22. This Jack Skellington (key) that fits perfectly into its matching Sally (lock).

    23. And this adorably illustrated My Little Pony pair.