Don’t Look At These Pics Of Chief Hopper If You Don’t Wanna Fall In Love

    Hop into our dreams, please.

    1. First of all, let's talk about the perfection that is Hopper's beard.

    2. And how it got EVEN BETTER in Season 2.

    3. And let's not forget those baby blues, either, because we could look into those for daaaays.

    4. Sure, there isn't a lot of ~room~ in Hop's shower, but we'd definitely like to join him in there.

    5. We would also like to have this image blown up, framed, and hung in our living rooms.

    6. And, yeah, we know smoking is bad for you, but that doesn't stop us from wanting to share a cig with Hop.

    7. We want to share our mornings with a nice cup of coffee, contemplation, and Chief Hopper.

    8. I mean, LOOK AT HOW THIS DONUT FITS INSIDE HIS MOUTH. Is it weird to sexualize this? Probably! Do we care? Literally not at all!

    9. He still managed to be adorable AF, even though the librarian called him out for being a "dick."

    10. *Italian chef kiss*

    11. We pretty much died that time he kicked the Hawkins Lab agents' asses...

    12. ...and then saved the day looking like Indiana Jones.

    13. HE GIVES AMAZING HUGS. We've never actually been hugged by him, BUT WE CAN TELL.

    14. He also gives great shoulder squeezes. The best shoulder squeezes.

    15. And don't get us started on the hair fluffs! 😍

    16. He likes to binge-eat candy on the, dreams.

    17. He kept a beautiful memento of his daughter on his wrist...


    19. He's. So. Good. At. Consoling. People.

    20. Even when they're super pissed at him.

    21. And finally, we want to watch him do THIS dance all day, every day.