14 Trivial Things That Are So Rude, They Should Actually Be Illegal

    Who eats JUST the chocolate part of a pint of ice cream? I mean, REALLY...

    1. Creating not just one, but TWO fake-outs.

    2. Posting THIS many stories.

    Twitter: @m4idencapriccio

    3. This stacking-systems-combined-with-cable-management mess.

    Twitter: @VGHumour

    4. Setting alarms like this.

    Twitter: @muIIetcalum

    5. Putting Christmas decorations up in July.

    6. Installing carpet in the bathroom.

    7. Spray-painting lovely, living things just to make them fake-AF colors.

    8. Selling anything that's not a pound in a place called "Pound World." Although, LOL.

    9. Eating an entire jar of peanut butter and then leaving it like this.

    10. Also, eating JUST the chocolate part of a pint of half vanilla–half chocolate ice cream.

    11. Speaking of food, creating logos JUST to trick the customer.

    12. Mashing up things that really have no business being mashed together.

    I feel like this should be illegal

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    13. Filling bags of potato chips half (or more) with air.

    14. And finally, it should 100% be illegal to eat string cheese this way. How dare you.

    @elonjames @rodimusprime @rodimusprime's string cheese eating habits must be investigated in light of KitKat atrocity.

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