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17 Things Every Thirtysomething Woman Is Tired Of Hearing

"You have to choose between family and career."

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1. "Those look like granny shoes."

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

Actually, they're beautiful and comfortable.

2. If you're single, "Don't you think it's about time you settled down?"

HBO / Via

Got more important things on my mind, TBH.

3. "Don't you want children?"

CW / Via

Literally none of your business.

4. "When I was your age, you were already born."

20th Television / Via

Yep. I remember that from the last dozen times you reminded me.

5. "All my friends have grandkids, guess I'll never know what's that like."

City TV / Via

And I'll never know what it's like to not be nagged.

6. Or this whopper, "It's OK, you still have some time."

Paramount Pictures / Via

Passive-aggressive pressuring, thanks.

7. "I'm surprised you aren't further along in your career."

20th Century Fox / Via

I'm surprised you're still talking.

8. "You have to choose between family and career."

Comedy Central / Via

Why are they mutually exclusive?

9. Someone younger than you saying, "OMG, I'm ~so~ old!"

NBC / Via


10. "What do you mean you don't wear makeup?"

The Weinstein Company / Via

God forbid.

11. "Are you even excited for your birthday anymore?"

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

Yeah, 'cause you won't be there.

12. "How are you ~not~ on Instagram?"

TheMostPopularGirls / Via

Got more important things to do than take selfies.

13. "You should really buy a home."

Esquire Network / Via

What makes you think I haven't thought of that?

14. "That outfit's not really age appropriate."

NBC / Via

Neither is your commentary.

15. "You're tired because you don't take care of yourself."

Bravo / Via

Or I just didn't get enough sleep.

16. "Come on, don't be boring, come out tonight!"

Logo / Via

It's a lot more fun to do what you actually want to.

17. "Wow, I thought you'd have life figured out by now."

CBS / Via

Clearly you don't have me figured out.

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