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    17 People Who 100% Knew What They Were Doing, And Just Went For It

    Them: "Will anyone notice..."

    1. The artist who made this suspicious drawing:

    2. The sign builders who placed these letters oh so specifically:

    3. The sign-maker who decided to just go for it:

    4. The butcher who was less than subtle with their display:

    5. The employee who made this he-he sign:

    6. The wife/mom who knew just how to crop this photo:

    7. The architect who planned this questionable space:

    8. The Airbnb host who DEFINITELY knew what they were saying:

    9. The grocery store employee who got very creative:

    10. And this one, too:

    11. And this grocery store clerk who had some fun with the label-maker:

    12. The sticker designer who pulled one over on QC:

    13. The ad-maker who just couldn't resist:

    14. This sign-maker who opted not to say anything:

    15. The bookstore clerk who made what is, tbh, a good joke:

    meirl from meirl

    16. The employee who got a bit cheeky with their sign-making:

    17. And finally, the employee who made this sign and probably said, "Sorry, I just couldn't resist."

    H/T: r/theyknew.