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21 Things All Ulta Beauty Fans Will Understand

"Shut up and take my money!"

1. Some time ago, you discovered a magical land so irresistible that whenever you spot it now, OBVIOUSLY you have to pop in...just for a sec.

Mike Mozart / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeepersmedia

"Feels like I need to go in there. Yeah, I'm going in there."

2. When you walk in you often think, Wait, did I just die? Is this heaven?

@lmanuel2 / Via

"Come as a stranger, leave as a friend."

3. No matter what direction you look in, this sudden overwhelming feeling comes over you.

@soyyomayra / Via

"Too many options. Too little time."

4. "Oh god, where do I start?" you say.

@brassknucks75 / Via

Two seconds in and already distracted.

5. You attempt to hone in on your exclusive favorites...

@beautieswithmaiker_ / Via


6. ...but it's no use, there are just too many beautiful things to explore.

@dms_makeuppileup / Via

:: grabs everything ::

7. And you know how important it is to get the latest color from your favorite makeup brand.

@makeupbeautybytong / Via


8. Then something else catches your eye...

@taranshoemake / Via

"Ooh, hair care!"

9. ...and your "quick pop-in" turns into a much longer affair.

@avintageaffairgal / Via

Commemorating the magic.

10. Like, a seriously long affair.

@michelle87idy / Via

Palette of dreams.

11. Other people wonder what the hell takes you so long when you're in Ulta.

@citamakeup / Via

"Be right there...if you're lucky."

12. But they clearly do not know how important it is that you check out every end cap...

@mandiemercury / Via

13. ...and benefit available in the store that day.

@pinkie_smalls / Via

"Lovin' my free birthday brow arch."

14. Not to mention all the obstacles you have to pass before checking out.

@jolielarae / Via

"One for me, five for my car."

15. You eventually learn the term "going platinum" has an entirely different meaning in your new world.

@girlyglamxxi / Via

Winking right back at ya.

16. And you also discover how truly great it feels to get so much for so little.

@gratefulgirl4 / Via

"$2.18 for all this. Did you hear me?! $2.18!"

17. Or just, you know, so much in general.

@s_daugherty01 / Via


18. Plus, you gain a new appreciation for the little things.

‏@bdavidson90 / Via Twitter: @bdavidson90

"Happy birthday to meeeee."

19. Which is why you're always leaving with way more stuff than you intended to...

@beautyshowandtell / Via

♫ More more do you like do you like it? ♫

20. ...and planning your next visit as soon as you get home.

@KatieBethJ / Via Twitter: @KatieBethJ

Good morning indeed.

21. Which will probably happen sooner than you think.

@amberphish81 / Via

"See ya tomorrow!" 💅

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