21 Things You Know If You’re All Or Nothing When It Comes To Going Out

    "That escalated quickly."

    1. Your Friday night is really only ever going to be zero or 100. There is no in-between.

    2. Because once you're "in for the night" you are IN. FOR. THE. NIGHT.

    3. And nothing gets between you and the true loves of your life.

    4. Or just a peaceful night in with the only person who matters: YOU.

    5. You often have the best times at home, by yourself, doing whatever the heck you want.

    6. And it's not like there aren't places you COULD go.

    7. You just REALLY love staying in and being cozy.

    8. TBH, sometimes you're actually very curious what everyone else is ~up to~.

    9. And then you're like, "OKAY, time to make the hard decisions."

    10. But once you finally decide to go out, you go ALL out.

    11. Like, "there is no turning this train around" out.

    12. Because, let's be real, you ~clean up~ pretty well.

    13. And you're an expert when it comes to the pre-game.

    14. In THEORY you always plan to ~go easy~.

    15. But, let's be real, it rarely ends up that way.

    16. Because you are definitively going to make the MOST of your night out.

    17. It doesn't take long before you come out of your shell...

    18. ...and things really begin to escalate.

    19. Frankly, when you go out, you're usually the last one of your friends standing.

    20. But you're also always REALLY happy about coming home.

    21. Because you also love laughing at yourself the next day...from the comfort of your bed.