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    17 Realizations All Women Have While Jean Shopping

    "Why do no companies understand how powerful my thighs are and how quickly they will consume the flesh of the average jean?"

    1. Wondering WHY no one makes the part where your thighs rub together substantially thicker material?!

    Instagram: @claudiaaldrete

    "Why do no companies understand how powerful my thighs are and how quickly they will consume the weak, sinful flesh of the average jean?"

    2. Discovering that your favorite jean company has decided to change how it makes its jeans and they are now super shitty.

    AMC / Via

    And obviously not worth buying anymore!

    3. Having to dig through that WALL OF FOLDED JEANS for the right waist size, length, color, wash, etc.

    Instagram: @courtneycrowder

    Which you probably won't find anyway.

    4. Trying on a pair of ripped jeans and accidentally putting your foot through the knee hole.

    5. Building up a major sweat from trying to take off a pair of jeans that are too tight.


    "Squinch your hips in!"

    6. Finding jeans that actually seem to fit, but then discovering they have the ~back gap~.

    7. Worrying if the jeans you're trying on will shrink and then wondering how much, if at all, you should account for it.

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    "I mean, they fit good NOW, but what happens IF THEY SHRINK?!"

    8. Feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the weird euphemisms and names clothing companies use to describe their varying jean fits.

    Instagram: @sxyjns

    "Am I a bold curve, a classic fit, or a city fit, and what does it all mean?!"

    9. Feeling like "high-waisted" still hits under your belly button but "super high-waisted" basically goes up to your boobs.


    Yep, those are high.

    10. If you're short, wondering why it feels like every pair of jeans is made for women who are 7 feet tall...

    11. ...and if you're tall, feeling like everything you try on automatically turns into capris.

    12. Feeling your blood circulation being cut off when you try on a pair of jeans that are SO stiff and tight at the waist.

    Gramercy Pictures

    Yes, that's a plier.

    13. Thinking you've found the perfect-fitting pair of jeans, but then sitting in them and realizing they're a little too low-rise.

    14. Wishing the ankles of your otherwise pretty-good-fitting skinny jeans were tighter.

    Instagram: @x_sarahnicole_x

    And wondering if anyone else thinks they're too lose or if it's just you?

    15. Wanting to rock the hell out of boyfriend jeans, but looking like a mom instead.

    NBC / Via


    16. Feeling like the jeans that make your butt look best also tend to be camel toe central.



    17. And finally, coming to this conclusion:

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