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    "Stranger Things" Just Dropped The Season 3 Episode Titles And WOWOWOW


    Not to alarm you on this (hopefully) chill Sunday night, but Netflix just dropped ALL the episode titles for Stranger Things Season 3 and now I'm gonna be up all night wondering what the heck it all means. So, thanks a lot Netflix.

    In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues...

    Here are all the episode titles:

    1. “Suzie, Do you Copy?!”


    What it might mean: There's a Susan Hargrove on the show — Max and Billy's mom — who we met briefly last season. So, IDK, maybe this is a line one of the kids say to her?! Interestingly enough, the first episode of Season 2 was called, "Mad Max" which, of course, alluded to her daughter/our favorite red-headed skateboarder Max.

    2. “The Mall Rats”


    What it might mean: All I can think of when I hear this is Kevin Smith's movie Mallrats (but that came out in '95). And, obviously, malls were a BIG thing in the '80s. So, this episode will prob revolve around introducing the new Starcourt Mall that's been teased already for the season.

    3. “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard”


    What it might mean: Well, we know pools have a dark past with Stranger Things. Will ANOTHER Hawkins resident go missing via pool?! R.I.P. Barb.

    4. “The Sauna Test”


    What it might mean: Saunas are good for detoxing, so maybe this'll be a way to like get some nasty stuff (like a Pollywog, perhaps?!) out of someone's body? OR maybe it's another sensory deprivation technique...

    5. “The Source”


    What it might mean: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that this is referring to the Upside Down and like ~the source~ of where the Demogorgons actually come from. Is it a hive? A nest? Or something even more horrible I don't want to think about?!

    6. “The Birthday”


    What it might mean: Eleven's birthday? I BET YOU she's never actually had one?! And you KNOW it'd be a total Eggo Extravaganza party. Wow, crying already.

    7. “The Bite”


    What it might mean: OK. Someone's getting bit by a Demogorgon or maybe a Demodog. This'll be the episode someone important dies, OBVIOUSLY.

    8. “The Battle of Starcourt"


    What it might mean: As I said above, we already know the new Starcourt Mall plays a big part in Season 3. So, of course, things will culminate there! I CANNOT wait to see Eleven kick some serious Demogorgon ass in a food court, LOL!

    Of course, take this all with a little grain of salt because last season when the titles were announced a couple did change by the time the show actually aired.


    EITHER WAY, I'm super excited for Season 3 and it CANNOT get here soon enough!

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