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    This New "Stranger Things" Teaser Featuring Steve Has Me Screaming

    (With laughter.)

    We officially have our first teaser for Stranger Things Season 3 and, in true Stranger Things fashion, it is gloriously '80s.

    Ahoy! Something is coming... to Hawkins, Indiana!

    That's right, it's the summer of 1985, and Hawkins, Indiana has a new mall!

    And guess who works there? None other than everybody's fave father of five, Steve Harrington.

    He's joined by newcomer Robin (played by Maya Hawke).

    Unfortunately, Steve's hair is contained within this hat, but I guess they can't show us our favourite character in the first teaser – they've got to save something for later.

    There's one more note-worthy thing in the teaser: At the end, it says the mall is "coming next summer" – which could be a hint about when the next season is dropping.

    I low-key hope not, though, because that is TOO LONG TO WAIT.

    Hawkins, Indiana. The day is Take You Children to Work Day. Steve Harrington shows up to ‘Scoops Ahoy’ with Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Max.