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    This "Game Of Thrones" Detail About The Stark Kids And The Direwolves Will Make You Say, "OMG I Love This"

    The pack survives.

    I know it's been almost one week since Game of Thrones ended, but I'll be honest...I can't stop thinking about the show!


    Lucky for me, there are still a bunch of fun theories and details going around out in the GoT fandom and I think one of my favorite ones so far is this cool detail about the *spoiler alert* surviving Stark kids and their respective direwolves:

    The starks became the names of the dire wovles Jon = ghost (doesn't exist to outside world in the far north) Sansa = lady ( lady of winderfell and Queen of the North) Arya = nymeria (warrior Queen fled by sea to find a new home) Bran = summer hope after winter #GameOfThonesFinale

    Let's break it down...

    Jon = Ghost


    This connection is the most obvious. Jon and Ghost are the original outliers of their packs and they ended up together (yay!) in the far North in the end. Let's hope they're never separated again!

    Sansa = Lady

    Helen Sloan / HBO

    Although Lady was TRAGICALLY put down way the heck back in Season 1, it's very fitting that, in the end, her mama Sansa became the Lady of Winterfell and Queen in the North.

    Arya = Nymeria


    Both of them refused to come home to Winterfell and left for greener pastures. Arya, as we know, is off to find out what's "west of Westeros" and Nymeria, who we last saw in Season 7, is running wild with her own pack now — which is essentially what she's up to in the books, too.

    And finally, Bran = Summer


    This comparison is a little more metaphorical, but Bran as the new King of the Six Kingdoms pretty much symbolizes hope and, to a degree, the end of Winter as well. And what's the opposite of Winter? Summer.

    Of course, while this detail is very cool, a few fans just couldn't help but point out the unfortunate endings of the other Stark children, too:

    @stevenfisher007 Rickon = shaggydog (shot like a dog for sport)

    But, mostly, people were very into this comparison:

    @stevenfisher007 @Qu33rQu33ry 🤯🤯 okay I’ll accept this. They’ve been saying the dire wolves would play a big part in the last season.

    @stevenfisher007 I love this conclusion :3

    So, let's not dwell on the sad stuff and just be happy for the members of the pack that survived!

    Helen Sloan / HBO

    Long may they live!

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