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    17 Things Short Girls Will Never Be Able To Comprehend

    Let's just collectively ban pants, mmmkay?

    1. Getting that ONE item off the top shelf at the store without climbing...

    Short girl problems from shawn_johnson

    2. ...or being able to do it without having to ask for help.

    3. Ditto for when you're at home, too.

    4. Being able to even fathom wearing thigh-high boots.

    Thigh highs aren’t going to be a thing for me. from ShortGirlProblems

    5. Pulling off jeans that have been designed with holes at the "knees," for ~fashion~.

    Comic of someone ordering jeans, and when they arrive, trying them on and the ripped knee holes are on their shins
    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

    6. In fact, wearing a majority of any kind of pants.

    7. Getting your luggage into the overhead compartment of a plane without help.

    Sony Pictures Releasing / Via

    8. Seeing anything more than the top of your head in like 50% of mirrors...

    9. ...particularly if a "tall person" has hung it.

    10. Standing in the shallow end of a pool without being on the verge of drowning.

    11. Trying on a shirt and not being sure if it's meant to be a dress instead of a shirt.

    comic of someone wearing shorts that are longer than expected and a mini dress that is basically a floor dress
    Jenny Chang / Emma Tyler / Via BuzzFeed

    12. Wearing a seatbelt without feeling like it's digging into your neck.

    13. Doing laundry without having to go on a diving expedition.

    14. Bumping into a table without feeling like your body just broke in half.

    15. Hanging out with tall friends...without being used as a headrest.

    16. Sitting in a cozy armchair without feeling like a toddler.

    17. And finally, going one day without someone joking, "How's the weather down there?"

    NBC / Via

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