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    We Need To Talk About How Impressive Seth’s Dick Drawings Were In “Superbad”

    So. Many. Dicks.

    Superbad turns 10 this year, which not only makes me say, "WHAT?!", but also makes me say, "Aww, that movie is still really great."

    And one of the greatest parts about Superbad was Seth's REALLY GOOD dick drawings.

    1. Like this simple dick drawing.

    2. This graphic dick drawing on George Washington.

    3. This mathematical chart of dicks.

    4. This drawing of himself as a dick (with a dick).

    5. This beautiful watercolor dick.

    6. This banana dick.

    7. This minimal blue crayon on pink paper dick.

    8. This group of four dicks.

    9. These little dicks.

    10. This green watercolor dick.

    11. This colorful brown and pink-outlined dick.

    12. This particularly veiny dick.

    13. This pretty dick watercolor.

    14. This aqua blue crayon dick with...confetti?

    15. This orange marker dick with plenty of pubes.

    16. This very graphic monster dick (that fell on Becca's foot).

    17. This robot with a dick.

    18. This friendly dick.

    19. This banana dick in the hands of an ape.

    20. This "Tank Man/Unknown Protestor" dick.

    21. This pigtailed dick.

    22. This Dr. Strangelove inspired dick.

    23. This "Superpenis" dick.

    24. This DNA strand dick pair.

    25. This Jaws-esque dick.

    26. This dinosaur dick.

    27. This Mr. T dick.

    28. This Alien chestburster dick.

    29. These dick buddies just playing tic-tac-toe.

    30. This Titanic dick disaster.

    31. This stick figure drawing of Evan (his dick) and his mom.

    32. This sad little dick and well...

    33. This dick tank.

    34. This sushi chef dick.

    35. This Native American dick.

    36. This dick apocalypse.

    37. This dick version of "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima."

    38. This Medusa with a head of dicks.

    39. This peaceful group of dicks.

    40. This dick train.

    41. This dick surgery.

    42. This gunslinging dick.

    43. This marionette dick.

    44. This Alice in Wonderland inspired Caterpillar dick.

    45. This dick wizard.

    46. This "octopenis!"

    47. This Thomas Jefferson dick.

    48. This unicorn with a magical dick horn.

    49. This parachuting dick.

    50. This devil with a dick.

    51. This presidential dick.

    52. This old dick.

    53. This dick archer.

    54. This heaven vs. hell scene of dicks.

    55. This Whac-a-Mole styled "Bop-a-Cock" game.

    56. This evolution of dick chart.

    57. This Julius Caesar sculpture dick.

    58. This "Seth" dick name art.

    59. And finally, this dick portrait of McLovin', Seth, and Evan.